Face Off

I realized I had no choice but to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for surgery. This was far from easy as images from the past filled my mind...


Postpartum psychosis or puerperal psychosis affects quite a number of women. It is an episode of mental illness which begins suddenly in the days or weeks after having a baby. It can happen to any woman...

Merging families

One major question I ask is how easy would it have been for my husband to accept this child? Would it have been selfish of me to want him to accept full responsibility for a child that isn’t his?

Never Prepared.

Here’s me making sure I got pregnant within a month of my marriage all because I believed I was born ready to be a mom. I had lost...


I once met a guy who stated quite vehemently that he was definitely going to cheat on his wife because he knows his dad does....


I became aware of my sexuality at quite a young age, before the age of 16. I was a woman girl with curves. I knew what I had and I knew the power I had over men. This may seem shocking to you but take a moment to think about when you became aware of your sexuality.


Nobody prepared me for the physical pain I felt! Many thanks to so many people who had gone ahead of me and made it seem like it was a fairy tale experience!


There are many things I classify as a mystery. For example, my unending love and cravings for bread, my child looking so much like my MIL, how some people pronounce words incorrectly e.g. "Pint" (pant), the love of a mother towards her child(ren), why most men cheat, why most women despise their MILs, the closeness... Continue Reading →

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