Why I stopped writing

A number of people have reached out to me to ask why I stopped writing. My response has been the same "writers block" and I believed this each time I said it as I went about my daily life. From my last post till now, it is safe to say my life has been eventful.... Continue Reading →


The Apathy Trap

We secure ourselves behind the brick and mortar of statements like, “I don’t care what people think about me,” when, if we’re being honest, the exact opposite is true.


Postpartum psychosis or puerperal psychosis affects quite a number of women. It is an episode of mental illness which begins suddenly in the days or weeks after having a baby. It can happen to any woman...


Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel used? Have you been turned down by people that matter the most? Has that partner which you have always longed for come but you are disappointed because he / she doesn't meet up to your expectations?


Two weeks before the fateful day he had a talk with his close friend Chinedu in which he voiced his desire to end his life. This time his friend informed his mother. A typical Nigerian mother she exclaimed ‘’God forbid bad thing’’. She called her son aside and prayed for him...

Understanding Depression

His ever supportive wife noticed for about four months that he had been withdrawn at some point, was not eating and sleeping properly and lacked interest in his job and this was something that ordinarily he never toyed with...

Help us Live

Depression is indeed a growing trend in our country now. Gone are the days where people were scared to take their lives for fear of going to hell, the days of it being a taboo have long gone...


I saw images of me or my loved ones dying, being shot, being tortured and so on. I remember having nightmares that haunted my sleep. I became very frightened....


Depressed... Tired... sometimes I don't know what to call it. That moment when all the sad events you've been through floods through your mind, the moment you feel a deep regret for actions taken, the hollow feel of loneliness, the dark creepiness of pain. People don't get it. They think they know but they don't.... Continue Reading →

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