I am normal, I promise.

And for the first time ever, I met with myself.

The Favoured Bean

I likened the experience to some of what I've faced. There was a time I didn't 'work', I wasn't living the life God intended neither was I fulfilled but...

Real Life Vs Social Media

I haven't read anything this profoundly true in a while. Indeed social media and real life are often world's apart! Most times we get carried away by the facade of the posts and lives we view online forgetting and failing to see what lies beneath all the well put together words and pictures. This is... Continue Reading →


Red is a very contradictory colour.  The colour red symbolizes Love as well as Danger; Caution as well as Anger. Red sparks up our senses and has a way of sensitising rage as well as longing, romance, warmth and lust.  Little wonder why Valentines is mostly associated with red. Red adverts, red lingerie, red outfits,... Continue Reading →


Many times, we find ourselves asking questions like these. Personally, when what I need doesn't seem forthcoming I cry. I cry so hard and...


2018! Oh my, how excited I already am about this year. I have so much to be thankful for regardless of the amount of trials I faced the previous year.  A week ago, I was unhappy considering so many things I felt I lost in 2017. I reflected on the year, and I must confess... Continue Reading →

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