Sometimes, it is the fear of being criticized - what will my family think? or the fear of possible future regrets. Other times, it is the falsehood of being perfect and not falling into a trap of being tagged 'bad'



The world is fighting so hard to kill emotions so much that anyone with actual real human feelings and empathy these days, is a prey and easy target for ridicule and bullying.

Bitter Deep

I can identify with Melinda. She had bottled up emotions and major anger issues. Clearly she had suffered daddy issues, struggled with her identity, placed all forms of her relevance on another being. Her siblings were totally oblivious to her issues which ran deep mentally. With all these and perhaps some more that haven't been... Continue Reading →


Red is a very contradictory colour.  The colour red symbolizes Love as well as Danger; Caution as well as Anger. Red sparks up our senses and has a way of sensitising rage as well as longing, romance, warmth and lust.  Little wonder why Valentines is mostly associated with red. Red adverts, red lingerie, red outfits,... Continue Reading →

Be Free!

Back then, I just always had it in my subconscious that I was fat. This never allowed me fully express myself with my outfits. I recall when I was much younger...

Random… Marriage

A lot of people in my life do not understand why I remain friends with some people. Friendship for me is deep. It is a place where souls connect, where relationships are strengthened, where likes and dislikes are discovered and so on. A while ago (many years before I got married) I was very scared... Continue Reading →

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