Dreadfully Strong

The thought of breastfeeding again scared me. I was so afraid that I allowed it become a major determinant in my desire to have a second baby.

Having experienced a highly traumatic one with my first, I was almost sure that it was destined to be a part of my story forever. I cried constantly for almost two months each time I breasted my firstborn because I had cracked / bleeedihg nipples. As much as breastfeeding is known to be a very beautiful experience that promotes bonding between mother and child, I fought constantly against feeling negatively towards her. It wasn’t until four years after that I understood that there are techniques to breastfeeding which sadly I knew nothing about. I was determined to change the narrative and I am proud to say that this time around, it is different.

My over a year plus study of the art of breastfeeding is actually paying off far beyond my expectations, so much that if anyone had told me how much I’d be into it, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Sometimes, we are faced with reoccurring ‘dreadful’ scenarios at least twice in our lives and usually fear keeps us stiff. We either cower and avoid the situation, go in as blindly as the first or we face it squarely and conquer it! However way we respond is a choice we have to make and could be a determining factor of how much we grow or if we remain stagnant.

Do we give up on relationships because our last nearly ripped our hearts out? Do we drop out of school because we failed one course? Do we stop living because we had a bad day yesterday?

Reoccurring ‘dreadful’ scenarios happen almost on a daily, how do you choose to respond?

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      1. Great write-up.
        Reoccurring โ€˜dreadfulโ€™ scenarios happen almost on a daily, how do you choose to respond? My food for thought. Thanks hun.

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