Fairy Unrealistic

I have always been a sucker for fairytales; the princess in distress, prince charming, happily ever after. I remember being dissed by one of my exes who felt that I lived in lala land and had very unrealistic expectations (my worst relationship ever).

Anyway, regardless of how silly fairytales seem to most, I have managed to pack on a good number of fond memories. I particularly recall one guy from Uni who stole my heart (and my money) by singing along with me to all the sweet love songs I liked. We’d spend a whole afternoon listening to soft music while singing to each other. Oh boy did it make my heart flip! I was ready to die there 😏 I was the princess, he was prince charming (he fine small) and our musical sessions gave me an illusion of happily ever after…sigh. That relationship died a terriblly painful death.

While I don’t get to experience those short bursts of happily ever after, I am living my very own fairytale. Quite unlike what I dreamt of and saw on TV but very much tailored to who I am, perfect in its own way. Some of those ‘unrealistic expectations’ are being met on a daily.

Fact is, we find love in the strangest places. What we most often think we want isn’t always what’s best and those expectations that seem silly to others will make sense to the one.

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  1. You are an amazing writer. Please come and teach me. Lol

    I really dont believe in fairy tales cos all na lie. Lol but….. the responsibility of building what you want with the help of Christ lies in your hands. May God help us. Amen

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