There are songs that sound deep to me but have lyrics that are completely senseless. I listen to them and get moved in my spirit – spurts of emotions come flooding either in painful remembrance of a past experience or an euphoric thought of what is to come.

The world is fighting so hard to kill emotions so much that anyone with actual real human feelings and empathy these days, is a prey and easy target for ridicule and bullying. We are taught to mask emotions and learn skills and outlets of expressions beyond actually expressing; the words ‘cope’ and ‘manage’ have grown increasingly in use in order to box ’emotional’ humans by handing the real culprits the power.

Depression and suicide aren’t the problem – the society is. PPD is on the rise (everyone seems to talk so much about this) and one individual I discussed with had this to say as what seemed to be her a ‘perfect’ explanation – ‘this generation is lazy’. Warped; yes. Misplaced priorities; perhaps. Limits in real expressions; yes… Lazy? No!

The ‘growing’ dwindling compassion for the human race is alarming. We have the news flooded with bizarre stories – rape of minors, homicides, drugs, suicide, etc. so much that being on social media has grown increasingly cumbersome for a balanced state of mind.

In all this, finding the right balance is a continuous task / decision. The choice between expressions or being drowned out; being humane or being bullied, living or existing.


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