Perfect number 7

Many of you already know how number conscious I am 😊 and because of this plain fact; knowing that July is the 7th month of the year, I call it the month of perfection!

The number 7 symbolizes completion or perfection in a number of studies across religions, both physically and spiritually.

The number 7 has been found to be the most significant number across most cultures.

To many, the number 7 is magical carrying a truck load of luck.

And in the Bible, it is also regarded as a symbol of Rest…

The irony of this scenario however is, the month of July is right in the middle of the year!

While it actually begins the second half of a year, it actually prompts me to wonder how then do all these connect? Rest, Completion, Perfection? Somehow that triggers an end in my mind but right in the middle of the year? Perhaps it would have made more sense if it was the last month?…

There’s a rationale in my mind though – most times there’s this pressure at the start of the year. The resolutions, the projections etc. Often times, we expend our energies away on things we believe should be rather than what is. We find that half way through, we are weary and down asking questions like “Am I on the right track?” “Is this what I really want?” “Isn’t there more to life?”

Thankfully, God who sees the end right from the beginning knows we need a second chance right in the middle of it all. A perfect beginning, enough to take us through till completion!

No wonder the number 7 also signifies rest. Finding Rest in a new beginning right in the middle of doubt, fear, indecision, gives us true Joy and Peace.

I pray today, that for all who believe live through the second half of the year in Rest knowing that we have been given a perfect beginning. And a perfect beginning assures us of a perfect end.

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