Attract Right

Why is it easier to share bad days with others while we hoard the good ones to ourselves? It’s so easy to discuss with people (including perfect strangers) the things we go through that aren’t favourable over situations we find ourselves in that blow our minds.

I’ve experienced this on so many levels. An immediate example is how easy it is to hear of a colleague who has been demoted or sacked over one who is moving on to better things or making good money on the side 😊.

I admit, I’m guilty of this. Most times when I reach out to my friends or discuss openly, it’s usually out of a desperate need to talk, loneliness or the need to show just how much I’ve been through!

I’ve had many good days. Days where I feel like I’m taking on the world and slaying it. Days where I need not count my blessings because it oh so evident. I’ve had happy days, money days, romantic days, fun days, slay days and the list goes on. Do I share as much I do the bad days, No. Is there a reason why? (let me study this and get back to you)

I have however come to realize the need to emphasize the happy days. You see, the mind works in an almost ‘mysterious ‘ way. Ever studied the Laws of attraction? Or the power of positivity?

Whatever you feed your mind with will manifest regardless of the actual situation. What does this really mean? It means you can be faced with a truly bad day but have a happy day regardless. Confusing? Yeah. The mind stretches as far as you’d let it.

Multiple personality disorder otherwise known as Disassociative Identinty Disorder for me, showcases the wonders of how far the mind can gain control. How one being can be ‘split’ in different independent ways / personalities and truly believe it and act like it.

You are what you tell yourself and you actually become the facade or perception you’ve put up for so long. So before you magnify the bad days over the good days or downplay your happy emotions; remember this, we attract what we feed.

Have a truly happy week everyone!

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  1. This is a good read.
    But I believe a reason why most people, myself included, don’t share good days/experiences; we ‘assume’ our friends will be intimidated by these good events or as we like to ask ‘why are you telling me?’

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