Stuck in a Rut

The world has a way of selling us lies.

First, there’s the struggle with identity, the yearn for belonging, the confusion of actualization, the misconception of the greener pasture, the pressure of money making, the insatiable desire to make more and the list goes on.

There was a time when all I could think of was independence. Growing up was my goal. I was tired of being misunderstood and being told what to do. It all seems fuzzy to me now because all I dream of is the freedom I seemed to have back then.

The world lies.

It tells us where we are isn’t good enough, it destroys the joy of the present and leaves us with a yearning of a future that isn’t sure, it creates a false picture of how good or bad the past was and distorts the reality of now.

Do not be deceived by the activities of the world. It rids us of the true joy which is Now. Little wonder why so many are victims of depression and anxiety, little wonder why we prioritize the meaningless things. We have fallen for the lies of the world, choosing temporary things over what really matters.

The legacy we leave behind will most likely not be measured by how much we dreamed or how hard we worked. Perhaps how well we lived?


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