The Mind.

Why does our mind tell us how to feel? How do you tell your thoughts what to do? How come we are told to “capture ” our thoughts? Ever wondered why you get moody sometimes or why you feel different for no good reason?

The mind.

I once narrated a story of when I had a mental breakdown to someone and I recall him nodding in agreement of the bizarre stories I shared.

One scenario still hunts my thoughts till now – I was in a subconscious state and I saw myself chasing what seemed to be a heart-like character. There, during that period of temporal hallucination, I knew it was my mind and I felt a strong need to chase it. We were in a massive building with white walls and many doors so I ran from one to another chasing my ‘mind’, trying so hard to capture it. I can’t recall how that episode ended but I do know I was hysterical in reality as those around me struggled to hold me down.

The mind.

Ever studied the art of mind games? The difference between perception and reality? How do we get sensitized by Ads to consider a product you’d never really have given a thought? Why do we struggle internally between who we really are and who the world wants us to be?

The mind is greatly influenced by the environment and is shaped by our experiences. Little wonder why we pick up nasty habits only by being with the wrong people.

The mind.

The mind is the most powerful entity within us. It destroys just as much as it builds. This is the reason why we have battles right there in our heads.

You find yourself struggling against what you’d normally not consider, you find yourself looking in the mirror and detesting who you see or worse… you wake up one morning to realize your mind has gained freedom and is acting on its own accord!

The mind.

We are asked to renew it daily.

We are advised that we capture it and submit it to Christ.

We are reminded constantly of how powerful we really are, how we have the power to change things in our favor just by having the right mind.

Be careful with your mind… You don’t want to have to chase it to get it back. Trust me.

P. S.

Yesterday was my birthday! I had a great time celebrating my way and with those who mean alot to me. I colored my hair red, had a chocolate cake and wore a caftan! Rare but dear! Here’s saying a big thank you to my family and friends!

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