R. E. S. T. In Peace

Rest is a word mostly acknowledged when accompanied by two other words ‘in peace’…

Many in recent times, expressly state and believe that true rest is witnessed only in death. We find ourselves searching for a deeper meaning to our lives each day, some live from one adventure to another hoping to find some level of fulfilment which usually ends up being futile.

In the industry where I work, a number of us consider it a severe task to stay ‘idle’for more than five minutes. In fact, it is well known that an (m)Ad man cannot truly Rest as it is considered basically impossible (not even a leave of absence can help that).

REST is however a state of mind. It is not bound by the physical realm but occurs at the subconscious level.

In one particular Bible story where the disciples were in a turbulent boat, it is recorded that Jesus was fast asleep. He had to be awakened (quite frantically, I assume) by them to ‘do something’. (I truly wonder what sort of miracle they expected of Him). He however chose to speak to the sea, to which He said “Peace be Still” and immediately all was calm. I often times picture that scenario. I can very well imagine how frantic I’d have been, perhaps saying my last prayers or yelling at God to come down Himself to save me!

The picture I have of Christ at that moment is that of a little baby, sound asleep. They usually are very unaware of whatever is going on around while we adults fuss around checking to make sure all is well.

It is God’s plan for us to dwell in His peace, to rest amidst the many storms that may come our way. How we find ourselves a storm is one story but how we act through the storm determines how we get out of it.

As we go into a new week and month, remember that He called us first to Rest in Him while we are alive, through our life’s journies and even through the storm.

Food for thought: Jesus calmed the sea, BUT they remained in that same boat which was on the same sea and still had to row to shore.

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