The Favoured Bean

I’ll tell you a short story of something that most people know to be very dear to me.

Contrary to the feelings of many, I have a deep emotional attachment to beans – yes, I’m referring to the food. Beans for me is something I relish and look forward to having. I have received a number of insults for eating too much beans and bread at work. In fact, I proudly open my bowl of beans and bread with a mug of tea most mornings for breakfast even though I know any of my colleagues would walk in and bless me with a diss.

Anyway, some weeks ago on a beautiful Saturday morning, I was determined to make my usual pot of beans for the week. I was however very tired and highly unsure I could complete the long process of making my delicious delicacy successfully. I went ahead to cook regardless not considering the unusually large amount I was making that day. I found myself very busy that day so I didn’t get to eat out of it that day.

Fast forward to the morning after when I had my breakfast, I had a rude shock. My cooked bean porridge was tasteless and very unlike my usual delicately delicious meal. I was so dissapointed, it felt very close to a heart break. I managed to down some spoons before I gave up.

What really happened? Was it my fault or was it the beans? I struggled to find the right thing to pin it on. My mind raced as I considered emptying the whole pot of beans in the trash. It was easier to give up after all because I could have something else. That thought didn’t last long as I decided to give it another chance. At home, I took the bowl out and remade it. This time around, I was patient. I took my time to steam, reseason and remake it. The beans I know and love was the end result.

What’s the purpose of this long epistle about a pot of beans? Well, I realized somethings from that experience.

  • That batch of beans only had a chance because of my affinity to its ‘being’. My natural instinct was to discard it because it didn’t work neither was it achieving the purpose of its existence
  • In order for it to eventually ‘actualize’, it had to go through yet another painful process of reheating and movement
  • Sometimes even when we don’t get things right the first time, do not be quick to give up.

I likened the experience to some of what I’ve faced. There was a time I didn’t ‘work’, I wasn’t living the life God intended neither was I fulfilled but He didn’t give up on me. Instead, He took me under His wings and while He shielded me from many terrible things, I was remoulded and reheated. Oh yes, I went through fire and it was tough. That fire burned, it hurt but it reshaped me and made my life what it is today.

As much as we cry out when we suffer the painful process of reheating, the joy that comes with the successful transition is unbelievable. Many people meet me today and share in my success stories never for a moment considering the process – which is still ongoing by the way. I struggle to remain conscious of this which guides me in how I relate with others. I have learnt never to envy anyone because I know there must have been numerous reheating moments.

Who would have ever imagined a beautiful pearl will be sort out of an oyster or an orphan will amount to something. The favoured bean, though undeserving was given a second chance therefore achieving the true purpose of which it was made and much more.

When you ask someone for a favour, you are asking for them to do something they are not obliged to do neither is it something they owe you. A favour is usually undeserved, never based on the current realities and is done for the benefit of the recipient.

We are at a point where we don’t even ask yet we receive, we are undeserving yet counted worthy. All thanks to the One who defies all logical reasoning to make us a favoured being.

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  1. Amazing post pls dont stop writing๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    Difficult seasons are lonely and pple always disregard you but God has a way of turning things around am experiencing mine and God is helping me.
    Thanks for sharing dear

    Liked by 1 person

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