Identity Crisis

Do I know you?

This was the question that nagged my mind over and over as I stared back at my reflection. I had been here before, a place where I struggled to identify myself. Walking by mirrors was scary for the fear of not knowing what I’d see was overwhelming. Sometimes, I stared hard trying to find my real self. Hoping that somehow the mirror would give me some well needed answers. They just never came that way. No matter how hard I stared, no matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t get it.

Identity crisis is one major plague of our generation. So many people struggle to recognize themselves as they are one person by day and another by night and sometimes many in between. Our world has made it even more acceptable to have multiple lives in order to fit into roles that we desire regardless of reality. Social media has accorded some the full right to split personalities. The facade of happiness, fun and perfect lives plague the minds of most of us, so bad that many are caught in a web of fake Vs real.

Identity crisis is beyond the physical disconnect of who we are. It also applies to our deeper being.

Who am I really?

I remember having to ask my husband many times before. Looking to him to give me answers. Surely he must know me even though I had no clue of who I was. After all, he married me. My husband, who am I? How will you describe me? Who are my real friends? What are my hobbies? What kind of job do you think I’d be good at? Please tell me about me…

As silly as this may seem, many are plagued with not knowing… Many do not know while many think they know.

Who are you?

This is a very important question that determines your outcome in life. This is the road that takes you to your very essence. How do you live the best of you if you don’t have an idea of the ordinary you? How do you manifest your potentials if you don’t harness your strengths while acknowledging your weaknesses? How do you stay true to what works for you in a world where everyone has an opinion? Is it worth it to drown in identity disorientation just because you want to fit in?

Who am I?

Here I am, use me o Lord. Which of you exactly is He to use? It is easier to look to people we respect for answers to our life goals. Like our pastors, our parents, mentors, etc. While these people play major roles in bestowing identity, the power lies in us to take up the mantle of ‘knowing’.

It saddens my heart to find that men fail to recognize their place in the lives of their children. A man bestows identity to his children. Simple. That physical identity is what a child requires first before finding himself out. Once there is a flaw in this process, the child is left to chance, to suffer in many unnecessary ways in a bid to find himself. Of course, there is hope because once that child becomes old enough, that responsibility lies on him to figure things out.

Who am I really?

I am God’s own creation, made in His image. I carry great power in me because I posses God’s Spirit. I do not conform to what others expect not because I choose to rebel but because I know my path is different. I am blessed and very highly favored, I am strong because all I have been through has sharpened my mind. I am a sucker for love and for family, I choose peace over strife not because people say its the best way to go but because it works for me. I know many of my flaws but I remain glad in them knowing God will use me inspite of. In fact my flaws have nothing on me because I acknowledge them and He does too, for God respects personality. I am soft minded but oh so strong in Christ. I choose reality over facade not only because I can’t afford it, it’s just not worth it. I am a blessing to my generation as I apply the fullness of who I am to impacting the world because no one can do it like I can!

Knowing yourself is indeed the first step to freedom. I know who I am, do you?

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