Red is a very contradictory colour. 

The colour red symbolizes Love as well as Danger; Caution as well as Anger. Red sparks up our senses and has a way of sensitising rage as well as longing, romance, warmth and lust. 

Little wonder why Valentines is mostly associated with red. Red adverts, red lingerie, red outfits, red roses, red cards, Red… Babies are made this season, passionate relationships are birthed and many red hearts are broken. 

In all this Red frenzy, remember to draw a fine line between lust and love… 

Relationships and marriages collapse everyday because someone confused the two, perhaps because the core lust / love are both represented by the same guy… R. E. D. 

So in the spirit of Valentines, do enjoy the moment, have fun, eat out, have sex if you must but remember do not allow the facade of the moment push you into making a life-time decision…its all just a contradiction. 

Happy Red Season!

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