When I am burdened by the moment, frightened by the situation; I look to you knowing you are my light. 

When the days are long and my strength seems worn, I look to you because you are my strength. 

When I get overwhelmed even with the blessings you blessed me with, I look deeper into what should be and rest in the solace of your promise.

When my heart aches perhaps because I have been disappointed, I let go and trust you to help me through.

When words fail me and I cannot express myself the tear you gifted me with fall in line.


It is true that no human will fight my battle. It is also true that the only human responsible for me is me. That is why I choose to shift my gaze from the things beneath me and focus on what’s above.

I choose to behold the Glory of God here on earth and while situations around me might try to alter that, I choose that they be conformed to my will. I choose to  activate my source and rely less on my strength.

What image do you choose to behold?

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