Have you ever wondered why sometimes you pray for so long and things just seem to be slow and possibly in a standstill mode. Have you believed God for something for many years and concluded your words landed on deaf ears? Has life or death taken people or things from you that made you question God’s purpose?

Many times, we find ourselves asking questions like these. Personally, when what I need doesn’t seem forthcoming I cry. I cry so hard and pray so hard just because I get desperate. I feel all my strength exhausted leaving me with no words left to express myself. Days turn to weeks and weeks to months but I keep going. Of course, tears will not move Him until He is ready. 

God is not bound by time… 

Oftentimes, we feel that we have it all figured out. If only that money comes in today, if only I get that job now, if only I was married, if only I had money, if only this contract clicks, if only…. 

We psych ourselves to believe that our timing is the best. We cajole ourselves to make a case for wanting something at a particular time, in a particular way. 

Ever wondered how ready you are for what you are requesting for? Do we really stop and allow the Spirit of God guide our timing? How sure are you that you need that car at the moment? How sure are you that the decision you are making is at the right time? Are you sure that the little voice you just heard isn’t yours? 

God is not bound by time… 

That thing you thought will take a couple of months will click in a week. That which you expected will happen years from now can happen right now. The processes you had all figured out may fail you and will require just one action.

God is not bound by time… 

Try not to box Him into your restrictions. God is not bound by time, you don’t have Him all figured out. God is not bound by time, all you have now is all you really need. God is not bound by time, tomorrow is sooner than you think. God is not bound by time, He really isn’t and neither should your faith.

Have a blessed week!

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