In a moment

I forgot how pain really felt for a while. For a long time, I bottled up my emotions, living each moment as it comes. 

Most times I was like a robot programmed with a routine: get up – survive – sleep. The one thing I know kept me conscious was ensuring I don’t get to a breaking point…. again.

When life throws you lemons, you are told to make lemonade. Never have I been asked if I even know what lemonade is. Does anyone care to show me how? 

We get so fixated on our personal problems we forget to look after the people around us, assume that others should be strong because we’ve had to be stronger. We play God by judging and professing the final say of people’s lives and cry after they are gone.

I have learnt very recently (again) that life is more flimsy than we care to admit. Sometimes we forget that all this will  a not last forever.

Yesterday, I watched someone who means alot to me lose all form of control and consciousness of reality. The more baffling aspect of this is the fact that I went through something similar years ago!

Honestly, death sometimes seems like an easier option just because then the person is truly at peace…but then again when there is life, there is hope.

Tears may not change a situation but it opens us up to healing. Hours may not heal the pain but time really does heal. 

I may never understand why certain things happen or why bad things seem to happen to the best of us but what I am sure of is… Grace

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  1. But David encouraged himself in the Lord His God (1st Samuel 30:6)

    Baby girl be encouraged at all times! You are a star and needed by your family and the world at large. im happy that you know where there’s life, there’s hope. you need not live a life of fear, fearing you may break down soon. you wont! You are a soldier and God will fight for you. U will also testify about that family friend in Jesus name.


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