Flashback Friday

I wanted one but I got three.

Do I deserve this? I asked myself.

Still struggling to accept the triple blessings sent my way; He dropped in another surprise…

An extra one, hmmm what have I done to deserve this? I wondered. I must have found favor in His sight, I concluded.

I felt at home and at peace… the chaotic world around me ceased. Together we struggled in pain, joy, excitement and sometimes fear. I must say; I had the best moments of my life even in an uncomfortable environment.

Even though we’ve gone back to our usual way of living and gradually forgetting each other… this is just to say that I’d never forget you.

Regardless of our differences, I felt whole with you.


Many of you might wonder what in the world I am referring to with the above ‘Poem’. To be honest, I have no clue! No clue at all! I found my old note book from the year 2010 (this was my work note btw) and found the above write up.

What shocked me wasn’t the fact that I wrote that in my work note book but the content and the year. Before that year, I had never given writing a thought and that year when I started work, was the very first time I considered it.

In that same note, I saw some TVC and radio ads I had written which made me cast my mind back to when the head of copy cajoled me to join the creative team. I recall being too afraid of the pressure; the pressure to develop content, the pressure to deliver, the pressure to make sense, the pressure to share with the world, my thoughts.

I felt a great deal of nostalgia looking through that book as I had zero recollection of the different write ups I wrote as far back as seven years ago!

Blogging for me started in 2014. A year where I realized I hadn’t healed from the hurt and pain I had experienced previously. With nothing to lose, I finally had the guts to publicly share my thoughts, writing seemed like the perfect escape for me (well… apart from getting a weird hair cut and changing my whole wardrobe).

How I moved from being a ‘potentially born’ writer to a business manager is a mystery. Never had I considered managing businesses or clients but for the last six years, this is what I have done and mastered. I wouldn’t say it is an easier or better choice because both thrills are definitely different. But here I am today, a Business Manager AND a Writer.

I make money from managing people but I touch lives by writing.

Today I (finally) realize its the best of both worlds. Predestined by God, executed by me.

I am filled with joy, gratitude and excitement! Sometimes you just have to stop and count your blessings.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Photo Credit: michaelhyatt.com

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