Have you ever felt stuck in life? Like you haven’t grown an inch in months or even years?

Do you feel alone and helpless? Does it sometime seem like no one is on your team and your are sure to fail? Has life given you lemons and you did not know how to make lemonades of it? Do the people around you seem to have it all but it seems you lack the important things?

Has life robbed you of the joy and peace you deserve?

Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel used? Have you been turned down by people that matter the most? Has that partner which you have always longed for come but you are disappointed because he / she doesn’t meet up to your expectations? Have you lost someone who means the world to you? Did that trusted person betray your trust?

Have you been so broke, you didn’t know where your next meal will come from? Has death ever taken someone very dear to you? Have you woken up only to realize that you lost your mind and events had taken place that you were not aware of? Are you dealing with the burden of mental illness? Has your strength and health failed you? Did that business crumble with all your earnings in it?

Has the government of your country failed you? Have you ever gone out with a car and walked back home because your car was stolen? Has your heart ached so much, you thought it would pop out of your chest? Ever built a house only for the government to tear it down? Have you ever been deported?

Ever repeated a class and got left behind? Has that man or woman defiled you and made you feel less of who you are? Have you done or said something you wished you could take back?

Often times, things happen to us that are beyond our control. If only the tears, anxiety and pain could make it all better.

Having witnessed the scenarios above, I have learnt to separate the important things from the less important ones. I am learning to study seasons and understand that everyone will get their chance. Comparing yourself with another will never be the way to go – this will depress you further and nullify the reason for your existence. What exactly is the reason for your existence? Are you a shadow of yourself or you show the world who you really are? Are you allowing yourself to be a blessing or a curse?

I apologize that I have not written in a while. I am also asking these questions and trying to figure out my life… I appreciate all of you who reached out to check on me, I am alive and well.

Living life, hopeful through Christ!

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  1. Dupe hun……thanks for writting again.

    I have being thru some of this things. It’s not easy but I’ve learnt and still learning to draw my strength from God.
    If God brought you to it,he will see you through it.
    I LOVE you Dupe. I’m glad we are friends. I LOVE My Lizzy the most though.

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  2. Actually going through some of these scenarios… GOD will see me through all.
    I must not become a shadow of myself.
    I will try harder at being a blessing to everyone around me.
    GOD bless you Dupe

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  3. I have been through most of these listed events above…. it’s the grace of God that has held me close.
    I have also learnt a lot from all these sad experiences and I know most importantly, that God has a plan for me. I know it will all end in praise, and his holy name will be glorified…

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  4. It’s amazing how we can’t see the ray let alone the light when we are going through these challenges. So many questions we sometimes are to busy asking we don’t even pause to her God give us an answer.
    Lamentations 3:3, I actually love the message version of it. A scripture God led me to during one of my midnight periods, just makes me realize that the quicker he can see himself in us the faster the refining process will be. After all can a clay ask his maker why he chose the particular design. Is 45:9-10. A song I heard at a very tender age says “if you catch hell don’t hold it and if you are going through hell don’t stop”. The only way out is to keep pressing. I pray God will help us, because it’s always easier in hindsight than during the refining process.

    Keep the fire burning darling.


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  5. Psalm 3:3 , Ps 27:4-6, Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 139:16. These are words that have held me up in my dark nights. They brought out the sun on stormy cloudy days. I have discovered that God’s power resides in His word and His word is the container for God’s power. So healing, joy and all other Kingdom benefits flow out of the word of God.
    Be Strong in The Lord and in the power of His might!!


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