How easy is it to let go of someone you love. Is it easy to walk away from something you are used to? How easy is it to let go of bad habits? Is it really easy to pick up broken pieces and move on?

Some people are so adverse to change while others just blend in and go with the flow. I have never been a sucker for change but I am learning to accommodate it better.

How do you adjust to life changes? How do you move on? How do you fit in? How does it hurt less? How do you face your present challenges and conquer? So many questions that aren’t so easy to get answers to.

One thing that I have realized must remain constant is Focus. Focus on the reason, Focus on how to thrive, Focus on living, Focus on the things that matter, Focus…

Just as we learn behaviors and pattern a lifestyle, we unlearn too.

Unlearning is much harder than learning. Unlearning takes more time, it takes more strength, commitment, unlearning takes grace.

Have you been in a relationship for so long which ended abruptly? Had to stop eating your favorite meal due to health reasons? Had an unplanned pregnancy? Found yourself being an orphan overnight? These are a few examples of the situations life throws at us that bends us, crushes us under the mighty weight of unlearning.

I have had to ‘unlearn’ many times in my life.

Right now, I am unlearning a lifestyle and a habit (all at once!) and I can say that it is far from easy! Many times, I want to throw in the towel and crawl back to my comfort zone but then I try to focus… I focus on the reason, I focus on the goal and I pick myself up and move on.

Unlearning can be good too, sometimes we need to unlearn some habits to grow. No matter what the situation is, may His Grace be sufficient.

Great weekend folks!

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  1. Some very good advice x thank you this post. I recently went through a break up that came out of the blue. It is hard sometimes because I miss him a lot but then I remind myself the reasons why I wasn’t happy with him. Thanks a lot x

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