I have always been very emotional.

I would get hurt at the slightest thing, cry so hard whenever something unfavourable happened to me. I made decisions based mostly on my emotions. This got me really burnt when I almost ended up marrying the wrong person.

Somehow through my emotional ‘ups and downs’ way of life, God saw me through most of my decisions and ensured I got on the right path, mostly. The major ‘life-determining’ decisions I have had to make so far have always been so tough. I usually do not realize until I get out, how hard it really was. Most times, I just go into an automated mode and live through that period like I’m watching from outside my body while everything falls into place. Grace.

Sentiments never gets anyone anywhere. An online dictionary describes a sentimental person as a person who relies on emotions more than reason. Making life decisions emotionally never ends well because your emotions are temporary and will change while you have gone ahead to make a decision that will influence your life possibly forever. Someone once told me that e.m.o.t.i.o.n.s means E – emotions in motion. This means it isn’t constant, emotions vary depending on circumstances and our responses to it.

Therefore if emotions are fleeting, we are encouraged to set aside sentiments when making decisions that will influence our lives forever.

Recently, I have chosen to be less sentimental as this hasn’t paid me (if anything, I have been burnt more) and make more rational choices. This doesn’t mean that one should lose all sense of sensitivity in dealing with others, God knows how sensitive I am lol but indeed there is a need for a balance.

So please pray for me as I begin this journey (better late than never)!

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