Seven ‘Great’ years ago…

I have been in deep retrospect these past couple of days. A lot has happened recently that has got me digging deep.

So in the spirit of retrospection, I celebrate today!

Today marks a very significant day in my life. My first day of work…ever! 12/4/2010.

I was not privy to internships while in school so having gotten a ‘proper’ job for NYSC, made me really really nervous.

On this day, seven years ago; I got up early, dressed up and was driven to the office. With so many emotions flooding my mind, I stepped into something I didn’t realize at the time was great.

I am so thankful for that day.

The past seven years have been an array of events that shaped my life and made me the person I am today. I have been awarded the opportunity of working with talented people, multinational brands, exploring my potentials and learning far beyond my imagination. On the job, I have witnessed personally the hand of God guiding me – I had to learn to commit all to Him and watch Him do wonders even in the littlest projects.

While I was in Secondary school, I never imagined I’d be this serious in life. I struggled so hard to keep up, reading was a major chore. With the way I was going, I would have ended up with a career – wife of a rich man, or worse.

The turning point came when I failed my Diploma exam in Uni and thought I wasn’t going to get accepted. The way God came through for me, I made a decision to change.

This was the beginning of the better days of my life.

Some were born ‘serious’ while some of us had to learn to be serious. Some of my friends hardly read but passed regardless while people like me had to read and read to pass.

The fact is that no two of us are the same. We all must learn to accept our strengths and weaknesses. The hope we do have is that in our weaknesses, God has promised that His strength is available. Therefore I do not have to fear situations that may expose my weaknesses but embrace them knowing the power of Christ in me.

Grace Saw me through school, Grace has seen me through seven years of gainful employment, it is Grace that will take me to the places I want to get to.

Looking forward to the next seven years! Hopefully, I would have gotten myself to write a book by then!



So this was me, seven great years ago! In the parking lot of Motorways, just before walking into my work life.

Photo Credit: Mr. Awe, the greatest!

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