Help us Live

It saddens me greatly to see that the plague of depression seems to have caught up with us here in Nigeria. So many people in recent times are resulting to taking their lives as a means to an end even with a blossoming life ahead.

My condolence goes out to the family of the young man who took his life yesterday on the 3rd Mainland Bridge. Only God knows whatever mind battles he had just before he made that decision to take his life.

Depression is indeed a growing trend in our country now. Gone are the days where people were scared to take their lives for fear of going to hell, the days of it being a taboo have long gone.

I find myself concluding that this generation is exposed to so much pain and struggle, the threshold level of so many of us has declined greatly.

Many times, a number of us aren’t sensitive to the needs of others.

Just take a look at the on-going trend on social media these days.

People clap back, diss and curse each other for fun and our media isn’t helping. We find that people hype and make so much fun of others at the detriment of the feelings and self-esteem of others and for some weird reason, it’s okay!

As the world becomes a much harder place to live in, my goal is to encourage and motivate as many people as I can.

I am not to be misconstrued, I have my issues (a lot of you know this already) but what matters most to me is how I can help the person next to me be better.

It is not my prayer to know someone who will end up taking his/her life. I do not wish this even for myself.

I know I have treaded the path of depression but I am glad that that’s over now. It takes having the right people around you and ultimately finding solace in God.

Please read up on Depression and guard your heart against this epidemic diseases.

There is much more hope in living than cutting short your life.

Let us join hands to help each other stay alive as God has promised us an abundant life.

I know things may seem bleak right now but don’t lose Hope.

Remember, you are never alone.

2 thoughts on “Help us Live

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  1. Great and brilliant piece of advice and encouragement.
    Look out for your neighbors , associates, friends etc.
    No one is alone we are Nigerians, Africans and it’s in our DNA to check on others.
    Let’s do more and encourage one another daily .
    It goes a long way!

    Nice piece Dupe!

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  2. I feel you Dupsy. People today are too busy to notice the suffering of others. We all need to show a little kindness. No matter how little. Above all else, we need to recognize the person of God and believe He can be our source of comfort. Too many people godlessness around us. We must be determined to rise above this. Thanks Dupsy.

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