I have fantasies. Fantasies of him sweeping me off my feet. Fantasies of us running away together to a far place where it’ll be just us. Fantasies that one day this dream will come true.

I can see his muscles arced deep within. As he pulls me closer, my heart races. I have never felt so much joy and fear all at once. I closed my eyes and waited. Waited for his lips to touch mine. Waited for him to take me in. Waited for the fears to be drowned by his embrace.

I had fallen for everything he stood for, his every move made me tremble.

The sound of his voice made me melt.

Piercingly he looked at me, I felt he could see through me – through my defenses, through my actions, through my flaws. My walls came crashing down as he held me close. I wasn’t always this easy to access but he got to me, he knew me as I bared it all.

I think that was where I was flawed.

I had allowed him get deep inside me, see the sides no one had ever been privy to.

I am scared, so afraid to show my feelings. I had already shown way too much, gone way too far.

What would happen if he finds out? How will I face him? What will I say?

As I rested on him, my emotions were flooded with regrets. Perhaps I had gone too far with this one. What is the way out? How on earth was I ever going to get over this?


Lots of women find themselves falling for other men other than their spouses.

Sometimes, the reason is as little as their husbands not paying them enough attention. Other times, they actually put themselves in that position and suddenly wake up to their mistakes.

It is never too late to right a wrong. The devil tries to play it to us that we’ve gone too far, way beyond redemption.

This is not true.

If you find yourself here, please know that there is a way out.

Determine in your heart to stick to what is right.

Consider all that’s at stake in the event of you going ahead with your desires and remember, you are not alone.




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  1. Phew,emotions and desires,lust. ..so much to deal with. I fully agree with your write up. It’s super important to avoid putting ones self in those akward situations that will require one to go through different mental/emotional fights to get free from. I’ll say self love is key,and being open/honest to one’s spouse,constantly working on maintaining friendship will make it easy to share such before one gets I’m too deep

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