L.O.V.E in spite of…

My sister turned a year older yesterday!!! Whoop whoop!!!

I am particularly happy because as a family, we have been through so much in the last few years and all I can do is be thankful to God for how far we have come.

She is eleven years older than me and this I believe largely placed a strain on our relationship more than anything else (for this reason my Uni project was ‘Birth order and its effect on personality’ – I found out so much).

When I was much younger, I saw her as my younger mommy lol! I remember how she would take care of me, take me everywhere, show me off to her friends – her friends were my friends!, carry me on her back, buy me all the trendy clothes ( I never shopped for myself) and many fond memories.

We never really had the usual ‘sisterly’ relationship where we tell each other everything and were best friends but we are indeed close. I can’t imagine having to share my mom with any other person.

We are both so close to my mom, we both slept on her bed till the day we got married! Although I would have loved to have brothers (who I think would have spiced up the dynamics), my selfish self is perfectly okay with how we are.

Marriage has brought us much closer.

Managing separate families has taught us to respect each other more.

To be honest, you never can understand what it feels like to run a home until you have been there. I remember judging people’s techniques and method of parenting, etc. before I got there and now I know, you don’t know till you get there!

This brings me to a topic I have tried so hard (but failed) not to comment on…. the current happenings in the Big brother Nigeria house. The world has deemed it fit to throw shades at TTT’s wife and all I can do is pray for strength for her while she goes through this period. No one should be held responsible for a partner’s actions / flaw / error.

I read a devotional last night which basically pointed out that our happiness should not be hinged on our relationships / marriage or spouse.

Our perfection, our joy, our sanity, our hope, our peace comes from the Lord and no one can fill whatever void we feel.

The family is indeed a gift which God blesses us with but it is made up of imperfect people.

I celebrate the imperfections of my loved ones, I love my family (in-laws inclusive) ‘in spite of’….


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