The Day after Valentine’s…

I woke up beside my man, early Wednesday morning. It was about 5am in the morning and it felt great. The night before was amazing. I had gotten back home from work to meet the door open. This was strange as we are usually security conscious. I figured my husband had just been outside and left the door open for me as I told him I was on my way back. I walked past the living room to see one of my favorite meals – Beans and dodo (fried plantain) complete with a mug of hot chocolate. This man sha managed to surprise me for Valentine’s. I was happy of course as he had obviously taken time out to make this for me! As I walked on up, I noticed rose petals on the staircase leading up to our room. There were candle lights all over the bedroom  floor, red rose petals scattered all over our neatly laid bed, the curtains had been drawn casting only a ray of the setting sun into the dimly lit room, the ambience took my breathe away. How romantic of my man to have gone all out to impress me even after eight valentine’s together!

He had convinced me to send our daughter to his sister’s for the week. Little did I know the plans he had for me on this special day. I dropped my bag on the floor and took off most of my clothes. I still hadn’t seen him. What was he up to? I wondered. I walked into the bathroom to see him leaning over the tub filled with water with my favorite bath scents. My heart raced as I walked towards him. This was my husband, sitting there doing all he could to make me happy, my rock, my king. He tries to treat me like a queen every single day but days like this just made me realize how blessed I am.

He sure knows how to treat his woman and I’ll forever be thankful for the day I said I do to him. I settled into the bath tub and he reached out to give me a back rub. As I laid my head on his laps, I closed my eyes and said a prayer for him, for us, for our children, for our marriage…


I woke up… again…

All that didn’t happen the day before. I realized I had dreamt it all up.

What had happened the day before?

It sure was Valentine’s Day but none of that happened!

As I sat dazed from the apparent dreaming, I cast my mind back. Tuesday had gone on normal, nothing extraordinarily special happened.

We had gotten up early for work and I had to remind my husband it was Valentine’s Day. We had hugged and kissed and as he gave me a tight hug, he whispered ‘I love you baby’ and of course I replied, ‘I love you too’. That was it.

I had gotten back home late from work and busied myself with house chores. The only other time I remembered it was Valentine’s Day was just before I went to bed.

I had to ask a group of my friends who are all married, how to deal with a man who doesn’t totally acknowledge Valentine’s and it turned out that most of us had husbands who don’t really send the day at afterall!

To be honest, I am not a sucker for Valentine’s Day but the world has somehow put it in my head that special mind blowing things must happen on this day.

In marriage, everyday should be special. You don’t have to wait for special days to make your spouse feel good.

Most people close to me know how close I am to my husband.

Every day is a day of love at home. It is a conscious effort we put in to bond on different levels every day.

So when my husband didn’t make a fuss on Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t offended. The little things he does on ordinary days make it all worth it.

Permit me to liken Valentine’s Day to the Wedding Day. There’s euphoria, there’s hype, there’s love and love making. What happens the day after? Do you wake up 3 years after and still stare at your spouse and say a prayer under your breath?

Think about it.

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