Team Work

I am back, just as I promised in my last post! Though a bit later than usual, that is because I have had the most eventful week so far this year.

I learnt a critical phenomenon in the past few days.

Team work.

This is something I have always been really passionate about and these past few days just proved to me how important it is.

During my youth service year, the then GMD at my office (PCA) ensured this was the core of our learnings. We were drilled in this regard, the art of team work. I call it an art because it is indeed a powerful skill. In my almost seven years of experience, I have come to realize that team work will take you places.

We had an important presentation planned for today and the way everyone responded to it was truly amazing. Every single person at the office had something to chip in – this was pleasing to me, as I earlier stated, I am a sucker for team work! and of course, it is my account.

Now if you are in the Advertising industry you can somewhat relate to this.

Prepping for a pitch or presentation often times is restricted to a certain group of people – Business Development /Client Service, Strategy and Creative. These are the primary group of people who interact with clients.

We as the Business Development / Client service team take pride in servicing our clients. Brands are our babies. I recall a time when I was on the Ford account, everyone close to me knew my love and bias for Ford. Both the brand and the people become lifestyle (it takes grace not to call your spouse your client’s name). Anyway most times, we restrict other department’s interactions with the clients – trust me this is best for all parties. So this time, we did it differently. We opened up ourselves, ideas and thoughts to all and everyone for once had a say.

The results were amazing.

Our minds were so open, we explored areas we could have easily left out, we took into cognizance the little things, the preparation process was easy (though stressful) and we ended up wowing the clients and strengthening our relationship with them.

This has impacted my life even more, as I have another reason to believe in team work.

No man is an island as they say.

We really need to be more open in our approach in life.

I know not everyone is comfortable with being completely open to others neither is it easy especially for those that have been hurt before. We however cannot go through life as a loner. Especially in marriage, you learn to open up to your spouse, trusting wholeheartedly that he / she has your back.

This is a charge to you. Try something different, try another approach.

Are you a lone ranger who loves to do things strictly your own way? You’ll be surprised what you can achieve if only you let someone help out.

Here’s my happy face!

Shout out to PCA, you turned a year older yesterday. You are a blessing to generations, keep being you!

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