Complete vs Complement

I realize that a number of people cannot phantom the fact that I try my best to be as blunt as possible on my blog.

Writing for me has gone beyond an art to being a pathway to expressing my innermost thoughts.

My last post was a bit sensitive, I admit. A lot of people cannot phantom how I can freely express myself on touchy topics. I believe it is a gift. A gift I have given into and I’m willing to explore.

It is important to marry God’s chosen one for you. Your spouse who is fondly referred to as you other half or better half is supposed to complement you not complete you. Complement according to the dictionary means Balance. Therefore you aren’t seeking another individual to complete you (as the world paints to us), you are seeking someone to Balance / even you out (your strengths, weaknesses, etc).

The Holy Spirit Completes you while your spouse complements you. This means to me that where I fall short, my spouse fills up. This means that if I work together with my spouse we can achieve great success because then we are working together in completion.

I bet you’ve noticed that I started this write up differently from where I am now, this is because I am ‘freestyle writing’ in my office when I am supposed to be on my way home!

These are the little thoughts that drop in my mind and I just type out as it comes.

So critical message to pass on in this post is the need to marry who complements you.

Physical attraction is not enough in marriage and most definitely sex isn’t too.

I fall short in many ways but my husband fills the gap and vice versa. This has helped us grow fonder and closer so this is me talking from almost four years of experience!

Okay I have to leave now but I promise to be back!

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