In loving memory…

You would have been four today.

I have had to live without your cries, without your smiles, without your first walk, without the sound of your voice. The thought of you not having a chance to experience the world breaks my heart.

I still remember your small delicate stature.

You always clung to my fingers, almost like you never wanted to let go. Little did I know how special this was. The doctors were amazed at your responses to me.

Although I know you are in a much better place, it still hurts knowing I never got a chance to show you how much I love you.

You will always and forever be in my heart, a part of me I’d never forget.

Moving on has been hard but I have been consoled in many ways I never thought possible.

Thank you for teaching me what true love feels like, thank you for freeing me from the bondage that had me tied up.

Remembering you today and always.

In loving memory of you…



Photo Credit: Pintrest – naughtynatt

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