The trials of Lagos

I had to cajole myself to write; please bear with my rants.

Yesterday I pondered on how my life would have been if I lived ‘abroad’. Seeing videos and pictures of some of my peers in the UK or US sometimes sparks a hint of pain in my heart.

Why wasn’t I birthed in one of those countries, why didn’t I grow up in Washington DC or London?

To be honest, I had a chance to relocate to the U.S but I turned it down. I was young and very naïve; neither was I ready for that kind of change. I have always had high hopes for my country, Nigeria. Call me silly but I always pictured this country to be much better than where we are now. Has this dream of mine been dashed? No. I am still holding on to a small fraction of hope that still lives within.

Living in Lagos is hard.

The light / water / traffic situation can be depressing.

Getting home after a long day at the office is #bliss until the lights go off (that is if you even meet it).

Nowadays I find myself talking to myself, pacifying the inner me that someday very soon, things will be different. My mind tends to tell itself that I have to be a #billionaire to withstand ‘the trials of Lagos’.

The one thing I’d like to point out in this post, is that a marriage that can withstand Lagos trials is a marriage indeed.

Just think for a moment… How can you be romantic while sweating profusely? How can your mind be at rest if you keep meditating on the Word, praying for light and/or water? How do you bond when after-work dates are limited as you rush off to beat the traffic?

I can just imagine if I did not have to consider factors like these…

I admit nowhere is perfect; but I can just imagine the thrills of a cold snowy day with the hubs, relying on each other for warmth; constant (24/7) power supply, zero traffic, dinner dates, warm baths, cozy evenings and lots more. I may as well have been on baby number three by now!

How then do we Lagos dwellers manage to spice up our marriages / relationships?

7 thoughts on “The trials of Lagos

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  1. Hmmmm! Lagos. I never thought I will ever live I Lagos if not by virtue of marriage. Is it traffic or d brown&smelling water… indeed any marriage dat stood in Lagos can stand d test of time. Well done😀😀😀

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  2. Hmmmmm. Dupe! Thank you for this post and to think that just today, my hubs and I spoke about Lagos and it’s wahala. You are right oooo, any marriage that can stand Lagos and its wahala can last walahi.

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  3. I lived in Lagos all my life, but I have chosen to relocate to owerri. My friends think I’m stupid, but for some reason, I can’t cope with the hustle. As for cold snowy days with body warmth, from my experience, it’s not all it’s cut out to be. Maybe a day or two, but afterwards, it gets too cold that you actually miss the heat. You can’t go out, and you have to be subjected to layers upon layers of clothes, which would barely keep you warm. I think each has its own perks, but maybe when you weigh it in terms of the comfort of constant light, water and all that, all those other places beat Lagos. I enjoyed the post, it was nice and succinct.

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