It is a brand new year!

As you all know, I complained a lot about the previous year (2016) – it is funny that this was just two days ago. I ended the year on a low. My health was not at its peak, I was almost broke and I was sex starved.  I read of so many amazing things that happened in 2016 and wondered where I was when everyone was getting answers to their prayers and lots more. It took a little bit of introspection to realize I had answers to desires I did not even speak out.

One major miracle stuck out. The company I work for was acquired earlier in the year and we were to move to the Island. If you live in Nigeria, you will understand the consequence of that decision. You see, I live on the mainland, practically about 10 minutes from my current office location. Moving to the Island meant waking up at odd hours like 4am, leaving the house at an ungodly hour of 5 or so and missing out on life at home. When I heard the decision of the company to move to Island, I took it like a man. Smiled and tried not to worry about it. I instead told everyone that cared to listen about it and allowed people scare the hell out of me on the down sides of such a life changing decision.

I went on living my life believing that God was going to make it right somehow. I had two options in mind. 1. Miraculously the traffic on 3rd Mainland Bridge will lessen and it will end up not being too stressful to commute or 2. God will give me another job on the mainland. Quitting was not an option.

To cut the long story short, something terrible went wrong with the deal, we aren’t moving our office to the Island anymore.

Just imagine the days my heart palpitated at the thought of moving, imagine the hours spent trying to figure out how to cope with the move. I realize now how big a deal this is.


God did so many things for me in 2016 but this stands out as EPIC. Not moving offices does not guarantee my security at my present job, but I know deep down that regardless of what happens, God has my back.

It is amazing how the mind works.

Just minutes into 2017, I forgot all my 2016 worries. Still battling the bleeding and a terrible cough, I felt much better. Almost like starting a new chapter of your favorite book. I know that physically, nothing much has changed between two days ago and now, but spiritually I feel everything has changed for my good. I have marched into 2017 as a victor and I am looking forward to conquering this year as a slayer! (not the dictionary meaning)

Slay with me people!

Happy new year to you and yours!

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  1. Love it! So many times after a big issue has arisen, I would, in the past, worry for days on end and let it take my sleep, yet no solutions would arise. But as I have matured in Christ and learnt just how much he is mindful of me, I have learnt to sleep because he doesn’t. And the funny part, he always works things out and I am always grateful at the end for the grace to not have spent my days worrying when he always had it from the beginning.

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