I must confess, this period had been one of the most trying times for me.

I know I admitted that last year was my worst, however, this year does not make my favorite list.

The whole year has been stressful, filled with uncertainties.

So many people I know lost their jobs, my friends lost loved ones, I am experiencing hormonal imbalance etc. Recall I complained about my period going over 10 days? Well, it has been about 18 days now and still on.

I cannot help but think of the things we take for granted.

I have always had an accurate cycle.

Never have I had a reason to complain about it. Going through this now makes me recount the things we indeed take for granted. Like waking up each day, having hands and feet, walking, talking, jumping, laughing, having jobs, money, good health, family, friends and so much more. We truly never know what we have until it’s gone or something different happens.

I am truly humbled by this, never will I take it for granted. I am eager to be healed, longing for my ‘life’ back.

God has indeed been faithful. He is seeing me through it, I am not in pain, I am not irritable, it is here to run its course and leave.

I really believe in the saying ‘in all things give thanks’. It turns around a bad situation into a testimony. What better way to get through trials?

As we end this year, I encourage us all to count our blessings.

It may seem that we do not have all we want yet but I believe we have all we need. Do not let the devil steal your joy. As long as we are alive, there is a hope we cling to that all will end well.


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