The Fairytale concept

Lately I have been craving movies I watched as a child. Movies that made me feel good, taught me about love, and made me believe in fairytales.

Last night, I watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ again.

It’s funny how I have seen that movie over a hundred times but did not realize that Ariel was only sixteen when she rebelled against her father and ended up marrying Prince Eric. I repeat she was only sixteen.

I began to wonder, if this could be the reason why I made so many mistakes in my teenage years with an erroneous belief about boys and love. Could animations such as this have given me a wrong perception about love and freedom? A chill went down my spine as I pictured my daughter acting exactly like Ariel at 16 – rebellious. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure I wanted her to watch the movie again.

You see, there are subliminal messages in movies like this and believe it or not they end up affecting the way we perceive life, love and family.

Cartoon network is another pain point for me. The cartoons aired nowadays scare me. I feel if I sit long enough to watch some of them, I’d end up having nightmares.

How do we then protect our children from the messages passed through these shows?

Is there a correlation between them and the increasing violence among children? A number of people in my generation have issues settling down. Could this be a result of the unrealistic fairytales sold to us by Disney? Could the violence age that we are in now be a result of Ben 10 and the likes?

Do not by any chance get me wrong, I am a sucker for cartoons and animations.

Frozen (pt 1) actually doesn’t fall into the false concept of happily ever after category. Anna learnt the hard way, what true love really looks like – imperfect. Elsa learnt that fear if magnified, gains control over us.

Could this then mean that some people are finally trying to pass on the right message to the younger generation?

I hope so.


In other news, Christmas is three days away. I still haven’t caught the excitement bug yet but however, I am glad that I am alive to see another beautiful season and an awesome new year ahead!

I am thankful to all my readers, followers and critics. You all have made this year amazing for me.


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