The power of 3

The number three is quite significant especially in the spiritual realm. There’s the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, Resurrection – Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, Creation – God made living things on the third day and many more. The number three is also the number of time – Past Present Future, Birth Life Death, Beginning Middle End.

Today, the number three signifies the number of years I have been married for.

It seems like yesterday when we agreed to get married. I recall having a conversation with my then boyfriend about how ‘the world’ will freak out if they found out we were getting back together. We agreed to keep it low key. We had both been through so much in the past year and we were not keen on having anymore drama. Luckily, our immediate families were cool with our decision and we went for it.

Planning a low key wedding was not fun. Deciding who to be there was torture. At the end of the day, we ended up hurting so many of our loved ones.

Do I regret making that decision? No I don’t. I considered all that went on the year before we got married and decided that at least this one time, I was going to put us first before anyone else. Selfish much? Yes. Sometimes, great decisions require radical moves.

I found it really hard to sleep the night before. I tossed and turned all night. Was this finally going to happen? He had proposed before but it didn’t work out. Was I going to finally say ‘I do’ to this man? He had been really patient with me. Loving me regardless of my flaws. Would our families bond? Will I have children that look like me or him? Was he going to change as soon as we got married? So many questions ran through my mind. I recall that I really did not care about my make up or how my dress will fit. I wasn’t bothered about who was going to be there as long as he showed up… He showed up and I did too.

There is nothing like being completely happy and confident about your choice. A lot of things may not go as planned, as I often say life throws curveballs, but as long as you make the right decision in Christ, that keeps you going.

A Bible verse I recited to myself over the years, confirmed I made the right choice. ‘….perfect love casts out fear…’ 1 John 4 vs 18. I have been afraid in the past, really really afraid in relationships that were never meant to be. I am not afraid anymore. I have perfect peace regardless of whichever shape the storm takes. I believe in the power of three – God, my husband & I.


As we enter into the third year of our marriage, I know and believe everything is working together for our good. All our hearts desires will be made manifest, we will move mountains and soar high like the eagle. I cannot picture this with anyone else.

Happy Anniversary to us!


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