Random… Be a role model

This morning, I experienced a big shock from something my daughter said.

As we drove into the drive way of her school, we saw an elderly man facing the wall. My daughter immediately said ‘Mommy, see Baba is weeing’. This sent a great shock wave down my spine. The question that nagged me was how did she know or figure that out from a distance?! Yes, I understand that there are boys in her class and she probably sees them weeing… I guess I was just uncomfortable because he is an adult!

This made me recall a number of things I know I can remember about my childhood.

Many of us take children for granted.

We do wrong things in front of them thinking it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t count, we think they will not remember.

This is false. Children are smart. Children remember. They process things. They are sharp. They figure things out.

I have heard of young children (as young as 3 years old) who experiment with their peers sexually just because they are exposed too early.

Let’s remember to be positive role models to our children (and others). Let’s try to shield them from abuse. Let’s teach them the right way. Commit them to God and pray for them.


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