Draw Strength

I reunited with one of my old friends today.

He is getting married in a couple of days and decided to invite me for his wedding. I actually was really excited to see him as we hadn’t seen since we graduated in 2009. Amazing how time flies! Amazing how people change! I ponder on our meeting and marvel at how things have changed.

I am married with a baby, I have worked for over six years (and still working), I struggle to  keep up with trends, my Friday nights are indoors (mostly cooking), I haven’t had alcohol in over a year :-(, most of my friends are married, most of the events I go for  are family hang out and weddings, when I think of fun – I think of a fun place for children, I am two shoe sizes bigger, my bra size has increased…again, the list goes on and on.

I cast my mind back to my Uni days… I thought I had problems, little did I know! I worried about which clothes to buy, I schemed up ways to get extra pocket money, I envied runs girls, I cried over boys, I brooded over what to wear to parties and majorly worried about my final year project – I thought all that was stress… I was wrong!

Adulthood is hard!

Today at the office, we talked about the highs and lows of childbearing. The fact that no one is ever prepared for the experience. I asked a significant question… why didn’t anyone tell me breastfeeding is painful??!! Not one person ever mentioned that! I cried almost every time I breastfed my daughter for over two months! Well, someone mentioned that the lows are not communicated (for events like marriage and childbearing) so as not to discourage people…. my opinion is to educate yourself and prepare! Prepare so that life doesn’t throw curveballs at you.

The truth is that there are some experiences no one ever prepares for… sudden death of a loved one, divorce, rape, depression, etc. We just have to learn to be strong. We need to know where to draw strength from. We need a support system. We need a lifeline.

Identify your source of strength today, build a support system and best of all, tap into the Grace that has been made available through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4 vs 13 – “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength”

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  1. Dupe im with you on this mehn. No one prepares you. I wish the lows are communicated. It helps you prepare your mind. It won’t always be rosy you know. in it all marry your OWN MAN. May God remain our strength.
    Lol@bra size again.

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