Be Free!

Sometimes we magnify situations in our lives to be more important than they really are. We worry over things that we cannot control, brood over circumstances beyond us…

I have always known myself to be a worrier (this was before my mental breakdown of course).

I worried about today, worried about yesterday, worried about tomorrow. It was hectic! I never was completely comfortable in my present, something always occupied my mind. The feeling is similar to being caged. Caged with little or no space to move about.

I recall a consistent lie that I always told myself… I was fat, even though I was slim (you see, perspective matters a lot). Now, that I am some pounds bigger, I look back at my old pictures and marvel at how ‘slim’ I used to be.

Back then, I just always had it in my subconscious that I was fat. This never allowed me fully express myself with my outfits. I recall when I was much younger, I was always too shy to wear trousers as I always thought it showed off my big legs. I recall my sister and my mom encouraging me to put on fancy clothes and me being highly reluctant to do so. I always needed encouragement and reassurance to rock whatever outfit I put on.

No one should be held under such bondage!

meeSo now, this is me(on the right) – many pounds and a baby after, I have found myself struggling with my self-esteem all over again. I look into the mirror and almost do not recognize myself. I say to myself, I am fat.

I have however decided to take another approach to it.  While working on a diet routine, I have decided to love myself the way I am, put on nice, fancy outfits regardless of how judgemental my feelings are towards my body.

I uphold myself, I love myself, my mind does not control me, I control my mind. I am beautiful any which way. I am fearfully and wonderfully made – the Word of God says so.

God looks at me and sees Jesus, He sees me as His perfect daughter – spotless and without blemish, I am free from sin and any kind of bondage.

Are you insecure? Do you let situations hold you down? Is it something beyond your control or can you do something about it?

Worry not! The Bible says in Philippians 4 vs 6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (NIV).

Rest in God, HE loves you anyway you are…

Enjoy the weekend fam!

5 thoughts on “Be Free!

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  1. Thanks for this darling. And you are not alone. Its crazy how we feel we are never enough, even when God has said so…. i get caught up too.. thanks for been soo open and relatable

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  2. Switie, it keeps getting better for real. Like seriously.
    I remember when you edited My pregnancy story……I just knew you were an Amazing writer. Reading through your post I know without a doubt in my heart that you are an amazing writer. The sky is your limit darling.
    Thank you for reminding me to love myself.
    People tell me I dont look like someone who has a baby cos I got my prebaby figure back almost immediately. You’ll be amazed that even with the nice comments I sometimes feel fat.funny right.Lol. I’ve learnt and I’m still learning to LOVE myself more than anyone can love me. Even more than hubby can.
    Nice piece dear.

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