I consider myself a very sexual person.

I became aware of my sexuality at quite a young age, before the age of 16. I was a woman girl with curves. I knew what I had and I knew the power I had over men. This may seem shocking to you but take a moment to think about when you became aware of your sexuality. Some realize this at the age of 13 while some at the ripe age of 21. It varies…

Growing up, practically an only child permitted me to have wild imaginations, explore and opened me up to a lot of advances from the men around me. I knew at an early age the repercussions of sex. I recall a time when one of our drivers made advances at me, I repelled him like two unlike poles of a magnet! You see, we were told back then that if a man so much as touches you (this is after your first period of course) you will get pregnant.

My first kiss was amazing lol, this happened with my family friend (he who must not be named) at his house! Our mothers are really close friends and we used to hang out at his very often. We met on my 10th birthday (yes, you read right, 10) and the chemistry was out of this world. I was really naïve and didn’t understand why a boy will call me (our land phone for that matter)! We sparked a bond and he asked me to be his girlfriend (I think I was 11 or 12 then). He taught me the art of making out kissing way before I turned 16! I remember his birthday parties were ‘lit’ with boys and girls grinding and smooching on the dance floor. This used to freak me out! (what can I say, I was the good one)

I realize now that most of the experiences I had during my teenage years have shaped my sexual life.

This is for the women, mothers to girls. Do not be too naïve, neither should you live in denial about what goes on. Children / teenagers know a lot. My advice is to get close enough to guide them on how not to make ghastly mistakes from a momentary pleasure.

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  1. WORD. Dupe I agree.

    Teenagers of this days are way ‘faster’ than we are. If you have a younger sister like mine who is beautiful,smart and a brainy…You are in for it. My bp practically rises each time Im told a boy ask my sister out. There was a time she told me 2 of her teachers were asking her out and one even tried to kiss her. Omo I went to her school with all the anger in me and reported the matter to the owner of the school who dealt with the situation appropriately.
    Let’s educate our younger ones. Let’s teach them about sex. It’s better they hear it from us than from some random people out there. No one educated me about sex and sexuality but I’m glad I turned out well. Not everyone is that lucky. May God help us. Amen.
    Nice piece Dupe.

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