September 29th 2014.

I gave birth to my baby girl.

I recall being really frightened as I was prepped for surgery.

My husband was with me all the way. We held hands and prayed under our breaths.

The sound of a crying baby filled the room and the nurses laughed with joy! My husband was asked to see the baby and what I actually heard was ‘woow!! She is so big!!!’ Little did I know how big she was!

She was a whopping 4.35kg! All I saw as the nurse brought her close were her chubby cheeks!

To be honest, I didn’t fall in love with her at first sight (I know a lot of people say they do), I was actually wondering why she was so big!

Moving on to some minutes after, I was sewn back and wheeled to my room. The sight was breath taking! I saw my mom holding my baby in her arms and my husband beaming right above them. That was when it clicked… I just had a baby!

My first night as a mom was horrific as I was left unattended to (bleeding) and with my baby (they actually expected me to mind her). I had to practically beg a nurse to help change her diaper as she had soiled it.

Getting a bath the next morning was nothing fun either. My stitch line hurt really badly and I could hardly stand upright.

I thought to myself that the experience was overrated!

Nobody prepared me for the physical pain I felt! Many thanks to so many people who had gone ahead of me and made it seem like it was a fairy tale experience! I expected the baby to pop out with ease (why else would a woman have 6 children?).  The updates I see of newborns by their mother also sent me the wrong message… How can one go through so much pain and immediately upload your status with your baby’s pictures?! It all didn’t make any sense!

Anyway to continue with my story, my little miss was born with a natural incline to feed. And so I breastfed her immediately I felt okay to sit up and I can tell you that it was the most beautiful feeling ever (no be fairytale).  But of course, I had yet another rude shock.

No one EVER told me how extremely painful breastfeeding was!

It felt like I had a grown person’s teeth grazing my nipples! I need a doctor to explain this though. Why did I feel that much teeth under those soft looking gums?!

Few days after, I found myself dreading breast feeding my baby.

I wept at the thought.

As soon as she latched on, the tears came running down. I recall one of my cousins teaching me how to latch my baby on to my breast, just imagine, I needed tutorials! (Something that was again never mentioned to me!).

Days turned into weeks and I was sore all over. Sore from the surgery, sore from breastfeeding, sore from lack of sleep, sore from the early stages of motherhood.

I am definitely not trying to discourage anyone (especially expectant mothers). I am however happy to share my experience so that all moms-to-be can prepare.

Please Note:

  • People and experience differ
  • I am more than happy to go through it all over again
  • I am not crazy


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  1. God bless you hun, I was in tears during the contraction and the breastfeeding was something else. I wondered how those mothers who had 4 or more did it. And then one month of sleepless night because my son would refuse to sleep at night. Motherhood is all shades my dear.

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