He Was…

He was a good friend, he was always there.

Available to tend to all my needs and requests, a great listener, a believer. He lifted me up when I was down, fought my battles with me, cried when I cried, laughed when I laughed. It was perfect.

What more can one ask for in a man.

He was sensitive, he was observant, he paid me compliments, and he shielded me.

I was the envy of the world!

My friends cheered me on even though I knew they were jealous. Not one of them had anything close to what I had with him. We were the talk of our crowd.

Delving deeper beyond my emotional needs (which he satisfied greatly), I had pure satisfaction in the physical.

He had biceps to die for, packs that made me quiver, strength that awed me, looks that made me weak. His smile melted my heart, his gaze made my heart skip, his eyes reassured me, his hugs were warm, I felt safe in his arms.

Many times I wondered how lucky I was. I knew no girl of my caliber could ever score a man like this. He was indeed every girl’s dream.

I recall the times when my friends and I talked about him. I tried very much to downplay him but they knew us too well. We were picture perfect! I was lost… lost in his world and I didn’t mind.

Nothing he did was ever wrong, he was right in all things, an angel sent to watch over me… at least this was how I felt before he beat me nearly to death.

Now I know, fairy tales aren’t real, happily ever after doesn’t exist. I am alone, left by myself to heal.



I woke up and realized…. It was all a dream.

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