Can I ask you a personal question?

Me with my six packs!
Me with my six packs!

Can I ask you a personal question?

A question an average Nigerian will ask to cajole you into answering the most personal, ‘none of their business’ questions you can ever imagine.

I believe I’m an open person, you don’t need a preamble before asking me things(as long as you know your limit). Being chubby these days has its own downsides. Apart from needing a total change of wardrobe, I realize my waddling has gone to another level. And I don’t eat much o! Anyway, I keep getting pulled aside and asked the most personal question ever “are you pregnant?” What an in-polite way of asking why I’ve gained a few pounds. It is bad enough to see people gaping after my blossoming stomach but having the audacity to think pregnancy is just too much. I mean I have a 10 month old baby for goodness sake! I know some women get preggers months after delivery but I don’t consider myself one of them.


So here’s to all my fans monitoring the mating sessions I have with my hubby, please close ya eyes. The extra flesh on me is a sign of good living and I intend to rock the look for a lil while longer!




4 thoughts on “Can I ask you a personal question?

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  1. Oh my days! This is hitting the nail on the head! *rme* at monitoring spirits. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten this question. Sometimes I even get embarrassed


  2. Hiiaaan! Touche! You had me at “Can i ask you a personal question”. Hmmm what can I say… You are right about it being in-polite as you have so delicately elaborated, most likely THEY probably did not see it the way you do, please be a little patient with THEM, it’s probably the way we behave in Naija and considering they are your ‘fans’ abi? Its actually “none of THEIR business” it might be that curiosity got the better of THEM. Personally, gaining weight can be viewed positively or negatively… I am happy you view yours positively. Now on the next wan… Monitoring Tinz! That’s a laugh but hey! If Kim K can have monitoring tinz happening to her… i guess other divas such as yourself are not immune such, instin? That being said, have a blessed day lovely!


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