I haven’t written in a while. Within the period I have been away, a number of life changing situations have come my way.

It’s easy to put the blame on a writer’s block but I’d rather confess to being uninterested. Does this make me less of a writer? I do not think so.

I would like to think that motherhood has changed me a whole lot.

The things I considered so important seem less important. I would rather catch some sleep during the weekend than hang out with friends, I’d rather put on ugly maternity bras than stop breastfeeding, I’d rather make out time to play with my princess than work, and the list goes on.

Saturday mornings are the best. It is the day of the week where I catch my beauty sleep and go without a bath all day while ensuring I bond with my family. There is nothing like home… I feel safe at home, I am me at home, I love my home. It may seem like I am rambling a lot about nothing but there are times that you just sit back and appreciate the little things.

A while ago I suffered from a breakdown, none like I ever imagined or expected. My mind seemed to take control of my body and soul, those were the scariest times of my life. Wonder if I’m crazy? a little bit. No one goes through a breakdown and comes out the same.

I can only hold on to those little things that make life worth a living, my home.



7 thoughts on “Home.Safe

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  1. We always have to take out time to appreciate the things that really matter. We tend to forget those things and focus on irrelevant stuff. Love ya Heavy D


  2. Lol@i’ld rather put on ugly maternity bras than stop breastfeeding #bigsmile.
    Home is where the heart lies. The eyes and smile of my little princess is everything. The Joy of motherhood is worth more than millions.
    My darling Dupe…..plenty love. I love my Lizzy more sha #tongueout.


  3. I can only imagine! like I tell people Home is not the structure but the place where the heart and soul feels safe. Love this piece by the way.


  4. Very Well articulated, There is no place like home. Home with hubby and lil princess Liz… May you always find comfort and peace in your home.


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