As 2014 draws to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the past months. This year has really been good to me. In fact, it has been amazing.
I gained so much, learned so much and grew so much!

I recall the crossover service into 2014, I was with my husband, my MIL and his niece. We had so much fun singing praises and praying into the new year! The theme for the year 2014: My Jubilee year of experiencing God’s increase.
You should know that I was never into all that stuff. Crossing over into a new year was always weird for me. When I was younger, it scared me to bits. The anxiety of what the new year would bring, the fear of uncertainty, the pain of the previous year… there was always something to be sceptical about. But this was different, I guess the euphoria of being a newly wed helped. I felt free, so I let go and let God.

That theme is definitely my testimony for the year 2014. The increase I experienced as an individual and as a family is supernatural. My mind could never have comprehended this! So I am indeed very thankful to God for a blessed year. Through my weaknesses, through my unfaithfulness, through my inadequacies, God showed me His Grace on levels that my mind never thought possible!
So much joy feels my heart as I type this. The thought of some of the grievous years I have had in the past flashed through my mind a few days back. These negative thoughts got me so down, I almost let the devil steal my Joy.
Not anymore!
Some people close to me have a different perspective of this year. They lost people close to them and got disappointed on so many levels. I know they are unhappy just as so many people out there are grieving into the new year.
Remember this, Joy comes with the morning. The Lord will replace the sad memories with pleasant ones. So pleasant, you will remember the pain no more… Amen.

Many thanks to my wonderful friends and readers. You let me disturb you with my thoughts and feelings, for your comments and criticisms, you keep me typing. Let’s achieve more in 2015!

Here’s to an amazing year ahead, regardless of the scary predictions of how it will be, I serve the God who controls the universe and He is working everything out for my good. Nothing and no one can steal my joy! If you believe, tap into the blessings and miracles that are available. God bless us all, Happy New Year!!

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  1. The Lord’s name be praised! We have a lot to thank for this past year. The fact that we’re witnessing today is a good start.


  2. I Love the Joy comes in the morning part.
    Sometimes I try to quantify God’s love but mehn its impossible cos he Loves us way pass OUR imaginations.
    I thank God for the year 2014. Loads of blessings and testimonies… And when I say loads of it I actually mean loads of it.
    For the sad moments I still say thank you because God has instructed us to give thanks in all circumstances 1thes 5:18.
    As we go Into the new year……may we see God more,hear him more,SERVE him better and WALK with him closely.

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