Depressed… Tired… sometimes I don’t know what to call it. That moment when all the sad events you’ve been through floods through your mind, the moment you feel a deep regret for actions taken, the hollow feel of loneliness, the dark creepiness of pain.
People don’t get it. They think they know but they don’t. They see me but I’m more visible to myself. What good can I possibly offer? Surely no one is as stupid as I am. My strength fails me, how can I be so frail? All hope is lost, no one can get out of this alive! The world has lost the good ones, the bad have been left to rot. Nothing and no one can save us, the end has come!

No, all hope is not lost. I have found you. My Light will shine in your darkness, the pain can’t stand my presence. I, the Lord, will wash away the filth of your past. Condemnation knows you no more. Awaken child, death has been defeated. My purpose for you is to live – live a life of abundance.

Dedicated to the weary & depressed… There is hope…

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  1. Keep on touching lives my darling. Funny how I can relate to almost all ur stories, well apart from tbe baby parole (not at the moment anyways). Feel blessed.

    Thanks a million, keep up the good work…… you will blow sooner than you expect

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