I started typing this post with no clue as to what to type about. The more I type, the more I realize I can do all this because I have freedom.
So many people are under captive one way or another; physically, emotionally, psychologically. The ability to want something and go for it / get it is truly freedom. I have been held captive before so I know the feeling. War, slavery, bad relationships, bad marriages, are a few platforms for captivity.
Not wanting to delve too deep into this topic, one thing I know for sure is that there is freedom in Christ Jesus. Being a Christian has opened my eyes to see far beyond whatever is going on around me. I refuse to be perturbed by the negativity all around especially in the news!
I have the ability to shape my world (Dupe’s world) into whatever I want! Of course, death, starvation, slavery, war, bad relationships, bad marriages aren’t part of the plan!
Good night!

2 thoughts on “Freedom

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  1. So much captivity and negativity around us indeed. But our comfort is that “Who the son sets free is free indeed”

    May God have mercy

    Thanks for sharing Dupe, I am even more motivated now to live fee as a bird 🙂


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