Lately, I have been thinking about the curse of divorce and unfulfilled marriages.
What goes wrong? Why do you see two people who can hardly keep their hands off each other, end up barely able to sit in the same room? I envied quite a number of relationships in the past and it is so sad to state that most have been dissolved.
I have always been a sucker for love, fantasizing about the romance, adventure and kicks of marriage; but I always had my doubts. I realize that most times, people end up with the wrong partners. How else can I explain it?
We tend to love the wrong people so hard, hoping our love turns their indifference to love. I recall my many failed relationships in the past; I fell for the wrong things, stayed for the worst reasons. I have come to see that meeting those guys wasn’t the mistake, wanting more was.

Yesterday, I read a post on http://www.cooliee.com (it’s worth a read) titled ‘Are you a Season or a Lifetime?’ and it all clicked.
We fight for things people that don’t belong to us. Dating someone for x years does not translate to an automatic pass for marriage.

I believe that nothing happens by coincidence; the fact that someone walks into your life definitely means there is a purpose but how accurate are we in determining what the purpose is? I call it a trip to ‘Egypt’. The Israelites were made for the Land of promise but they made a detour to Egypt and ended up living to become slaves (ref. Genesis from Chapter 42).
‘Egypt’ here represents that brief phase in our lives where we find answers to our issues solace / comfort in something / someone… but it is temporal. ‘Egypt’ isn’t the promise land so why make a home out of it?
I built a home in ‘Egypt’ once, it seemed to have all the answers to my prayers; adventure, romance, all things I considered good. God came through for me when the walls came tumbling down. I lost everything and I almost lost my life.
I learnt the hard way that somethings / some people are ‘seasons’ and not a Lifetime. My prayer is for God to give us wisdom to discern the two.

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  1. Dupe my amazing woman…….. This is awesome.
    I’m glad you didn’t spend 40years in Egypt.
    May God redirect the many steps of people who seems to prefer ‘Egypt’ to their promise Land.
    Great piece hun.

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  2. My friend, I love the title. Sadly some people stay in “Egypt” for far too long cos they can’t seem to find the strength to get up and change things. They forget that all they ever need is right there for them- God. I’m glad you aren’t one of them. You weren’t stuck in “Egypt”


  3. Awesome read.

    What I find most amazing about any ‘Egypt’ experience is when you can look back and see where things became fuggy. Then become broken enough to Let Jesus truly ‘ take the wheel’ and redirect us back to our ‘lifetime’.

    To eventually know beyond doubt that He alone truly knows and cares for us.


  4. Apt I must say, when you look into different reasons why People get stuck in Egypt, then you’ll understand the true essence of God in our lives. At different points in life even outside relationships have we All heard had our stop overs at Egypt but by the mercies of God have we been able to move on. And I pray as we journey further in life, we will have the decerning spirit to always identify our Egypts and quickly press forward to our Promise Land. Well done dear and great piece.

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