The lights started to go dim, the constant beeping sound of the monitor was faint. I could hear my husband cheering me on, a weird looking woman peering down at me. I didn’t seem to understand the gravity of what was going on. Why were they all staring at me? Was this the fashion contest I had practiced for for so long? I never held the spotlight this long! I had better enjoy it before it ends… but hold on, why wasn’t I walking or moving? It seemed like I had a giant chain holding me firmly to a hard surface. I tried to move my head in search of my husband, surely he had the answer.

A loud high pitched sound suddenly pierced the brief silence that had filled the room. Ugh! What was that?! My eyes found my husband, he was all smiles about something. With his long hand stretched out, he seemed to be pointing to something, obviously elated. I didn’t think there was anything to be happy about. I mean was I being kidnapped right in front of him and he didn’t mind? Was this a joke?!

Then it caught my eye.

It looked human, had arms and legs just like us. Why was it’s face so weird with a mouth so wide open?!
Then it hit me… With what seemed like a loud bang, I was jolted to reality. I just had a baby! Wait, what?? My husband obviously was more in tune with reality than I was. He called my name continuously, almost like a scratched CD only he sounded far more enthusiastic.
I recall that it was a beautiful moment though, I stared, then I smiled, then stared all over again!

The birthing process is the most intriguing aspect of our being, right from conception to delivery. From the butterfly fluttering feel, to the faint kicks, to the jabs and very weird movements (my tummy would suddenly rise some inches high while my baby stretched – creepy), to the waddle (cheers to my colleagues who mimicked my walk – God remembers). Let’s not forget the morning sicknesses, cravings, hormonal changes, emotional changes, psychological changes… no be small matter. It’s so awesome! I think God is just an amazing, highly detailed and creative creator! Everyone has been made so distinctively special, He even relates with us in acknowledgement of our individual personalities! It makes me wonder why we  try to be people other than ourselves.

Sooo, I realize most of my posts are about this but I really can’t help it! Bear with me and enjoy it o as you follow me on this wonderful new adventure! 🙂

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