So I am up thanks to my Princess who decided to be very fussy tonight. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I decided to take a trip to my mom’s room. Her granddaughter wanted to say hi, who am I to hinder such amazing love? After a few minutes of lies truth about how Princess had cried for her grandma, I found ways to sneak away (make I enjoy grandma o while she still dey here).


How do working mothers cope? I mean how do they stay up most of the night and function properly at the office? I just realized my prayer points have increased to accommodate that phase of my life because you see, I love sleep… I love sleep a lot… and even though I hardly sleep all night anymore, I try to make up for it during day. The thought of me at my desk, leaned backwards with my mouth open (snoring not so quietly) sent chills down my spine. Omo! no more swag, no more babe… Geez! oh well… I guess it comes with the territory. Surely, my colleagues will understand (I wish).

Sacrifice… a mother’s slogan. It is a mere shadow of what God does for us. I cannot imagine being so sovereign and yet so gentle. There are millions of unruly, stubborn, wicked people in this world that He has to deal with! Yet, He is ever so patient and kind.

I really need a miracle, more like the fruits of the Spirit to help me with this phase! I hope I do not become a cranky young lady, life is too sweet for that o. Na God go help me. Sweet dreams.

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  1. I cant stop laughing dearie….. Your write ups are awesome. Despite you feeling sleepy you cld still write…LOL.. Anyway dont mind me.
    Its amazing how the woman body system is been wired to function properly but we can only thank he great Man upstairs for been wonderful to us .
    Dont worry about coping cos you already have the grace from above.
    Kisses n Hugs to Elizabeth for me and to momise for been there always.


  2. Awwwww.
    Dupe don’t make us scared oooo. lol
    I think God has deposited or let me say blessed mothers with a level of strength that cannot be explained. to think somepeople actually give birth to 7children and more.
    Enjoy your maternity leave while it lasts and enjoy grandma too o.
    God’s Grace and strength hun.


  3. Sweetheart, last time I had a normal sleep was just over 6 years ago.
    Truth is it will definitely get better but never the same. Good news is you’d get used to it somehow. Yes last nite my sweet sleep was interrupted five times. 1 a cry from nightmare, 2 mommy I need to wee, 3 cry from itchy body( which I had to help itch then apply cream), 3 mommy I need to wee, 4 cry from….I don’t know, 5 constant coughing from toddler struggling with blocked nose! Hehehe. So I was struggling to go bk to sleep, just when I started to doze off, my alarm went off….. Time for the school run!

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      1. Tbabes Hmn…..what can I say? To think that with the constant ‘waking’ you still have to create time for ‘Oga’ DEEP SIGH
        a colleague at work was telling me how she spent her 6weeks annual leave on caring for her kids NO TIME FOR HERSELF. Imagine being eager about your annual leave and not actually having a single day to yourself.
        MOTHERS ARE SUPERHEROES Indeed o. God will strengthen us all. His Grace is sufficient.


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