Something New…

Everyone loves gifts, especially if it comes as a surprise. Gifts are pleasant to the receiver, the first few moments spent with them are euphoric.
Gifts are given in many different ways; sometimes wrapped, sometimes bare, sometimes a surprise, sometimes expected.
The exchange of gifts began at the creation of man. God made the Garden of Eden – a safe home for Adam, He made the animals – companion for Adam, He made the woman – most suitable partner and companion for Adam. I believe He really is into the business of giving gifts, even salvation came through Grace – the “free” and “unmerited” favour of God. How awesome is that?!

I have been honoured with uncountable gifts from God. Growing up without an earthly father never felt so good as I believe that God adopting me as His, makes all the difference.
The gifts I have received from January 2014 to date are mind blowing, far beyond my expectations (God is in the business of blowing minds too!)  There is one gift that has turned my life around in ways I can hardly express, my most recent gift; my beautiful, sweet, ever-smiling, favoured daughter Elizabeth; who God gave not only as a gift to me and my family but also to the world! She is the answer to a prayer, God’s special gift to me. No one is fully prepared for the emotions and change that come with childbirth LOL it caught me off guard (& there I was believing I was ready!). One thing is for sure, you don’t know until you experience it.
I remember my first night with her at the hospital, I stared at her wondering who’s child she was! It felt surreal! I didn’t experience the whole ‘love at first sight’ thing people talk about. All I did was stare… I wondered if she was really mine, I wondered what I had gotten myself into, I wondered if God felt I was ready. The days after went by fast, adjusting was far more difficult than I imagined, but she is a gift and I knew all I needed was time. Time to accept that God counted me worthy of this gift, time to understand that He had provided me with everything I need to raise her! (Sometimes all we need to make sense of a weary situation is time).


So cheers to the expectant parents, enjoy each moment in great anticipation for the bundle of joy to come; and to those who are in waiting, the God I serve who has taken away barrenness, sickness and pain from His children will meet you at the point of your needs. Testify in preparation for His blessings!

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  1. Elizabeth honey WE love you.
    Dupe great write up. The blessings of God ehn…….. sometimes we don’t deserve it but I’m glad his love for us is UNCONDITIONAL. I Love and appreciate the fact that he remains Faithful irrespective of our shortcomings.


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